May 5, 2014

Easy Painted Bike Bell DIY

A compass bike bell I had gotten as a souvenir from Berlin broke off my bike last winter and I didn't rush to replace it, but now that the bike paths are brimming with people, a bell comes in handy. Yeah, I could yell out, "On your left!" but have found this less effective than the ding of a bell.
I made a couple of personalized bells as Christmas gifts and was happy with how they turned out (though I accidentally dropped one of them in the snow before the enamel dried). The process was a bit time-consuming. Then I got the idea to try using paint pens, which would be faster and easier for creating a design on a bell.
I picked up some paint pens from the craft store, along with a shiny new bell from my neighborhood bike shop, and got to work.
 Again with the triangles! I'm obsessed!
The fine-tipped paint pens worked great. The paint flowed evenly in a nice thin line.
I only wanted to apply the enamel to the dome of the bell, so I wrapped some paper around it and sprayed on the enamel per the instructions on the canister. Now the paint can't be scratched off (I tried).
I love the final bell from this quick and easy DIY!

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