January 26, 2015

She's Got Leggings

And she knows how to use them. Hey, my dad listened to a lot of ZZ Top when I was growing up - I couldn’t help myself! In my years of biking in cold weather, I’ve identified the best garments that work well with my style and the time I spend in the saddle. Today I’m giving a shout-out to leggings!
I have some cotton leggings that are great for the fall and spring. They are warm, have a tight knit that helps to block the wind, and are super comfy. 

The ultimate in leggings for winter are fleece leggings, which look like typical leggings on the outside, but have plush, brushed fleece on the inside. These are warmer and better at blocking the winter wind than cotton leggings. Bonus - they are very quick drying and can handle a light rain or snowfall.

For freezing days - and you know we have plenty of those here in Wisconsin - I double them up. Yes, two luscious layers of fleece leggings. It’s like having your legs in a windproof, warm cloud!
I wear skirts most days during the colder months because it’s hard to beat the warmth and comfort of fleece leggings. My pants aren’t nearly as warm and it’s not comfortable to squeeze my skinny jeans on over leggings or long janes. 

Not only are fleece leggings perfect for cold-weather riding, they are also inexpensive to add to your wardrobe - I’ve found them at TJ Maxx for about $10 a pair. Don’t avoid the weather - avoid not dressing properly for it!