February 12, 2015

WorkCycles Secret Service

After several years of year-round use, my trusty old Dutch bike was becoming rusty and less trustworthy. The time had come to replace it with a nicer, more reliable ride. There was no question about it - I would definitely be getting another Dutch bike. As I’ve written about in the past, I find Dutch bikes to be perfectly suited for everyday cycling. My older bike was very basic and I was looking forward to something a little fancier. Enter WorkCycles.
I rode a WorkCycles while visiting Portland and was immediately impressed by its luxurious feel, sturdy construction, and top-of-the-line components. Peter has been riding around on a WorkCycles for a couple years now and has been quite pleased with his bike. I’ve also read many good reviews. The only way to know for sure though was to test ride them myself.
I headed down to Chicago to visit J.C. Lind Bike Co., which had the WorkCycles Oma and Secret Service in stock, as well as a Pilen that I was curious about. I took each bike out for a spin and they were all great, but I knew the Secret Service was the one. It’s more appropriate for the longer distances I ride than the traditional Oma, which is less lively in its handling.
The Secret Service offers a smooth ride that you have to experience to understand. I won’t go into all the specs, which you can find here, but a few of my favorite features include rollerbrakes, which are great in the snow. Also, whereas as my old Dutch bike has three gears, the Secret Service has eight, a noticeable advantage on hills.
Along with the heavy duty rear rack, I have a frame-mounted front rack as well. So far I’ve hauled my daily essentials, groceries, and even video equipment with the bike. I’ve been super impressed by how well it handles with the racks loaded and that I don’t really sense the extra weight.
The dynamo lighting is very convenient. However, because I set out before dawn and go through some areas without streetlights, I’ve also attached a USB rechargeable light to the handlebars.
Several years ago Peter purchased a bike from J.C. Lind Bike Co. and rode it back to Madison. I opted to bring my new bike home an easier way. The bike rack wasn’t exactly designed for step-through bikes, but it worked with a little creativity. Once back in Madison, Peter and I immediately set out on a celebratory ride on our respective WorkCycles.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with my new bike!