April 26, 2012

A Week with a WorkCycles Oma

After a week of riding around Portland on a WorkCycles Oma, my own Dutch bike felt quite strange when I rode it again. My De Vries offers all the features that a Dutch city bike should, but it lacks the ultra-smooth, luxurious feel of the WorkCycles.

The features of the WorkCycles I most enjoyed were:

Very bright lights powered with a Dynamo Hub - no noisy generator on the tire.

The Brooks saddle was springy enough to create a comfortable ride without bouncing you far off the seat going over bumps.

The double kickstand didn't add to the ride, but I thought it was nice nonetheless.

In addition to the heavy duty wheel lock, there was a super convenient bike lock chain system attached to the bike. One end of the chain plugged into the wheel lock on the opposite side of the wheel lock key (and could be released by the key).  When not in use, the chain easily wrapped around the seat post.

The Shimano 8-speed internal hub was great for some of the hills in Portland; though, three speeds are enough to cruise around Madison.

Hub brakes made slowing and stopping smooth and their effectiveness wasn't effected by rain.

 The mudflap was a nice addition to the fenders.

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