May 2, 2014

Boulder, Bike, and Brew - Round Two

I’d gotten used to always having the best bike parking place at Boulder’s Climbing Gym over the winter. Now when I pull up, it’s already taken. The main bike racks brimming with bikes is a clear sign that warm weather has arrived.
Last Thursday night my primo parking spot was available - the rainy weather likely kept more people from riding. Still, the racks were quite full with the bikes of those who know the fun of a group ride outweighs getting a little wet. I headed in for a bouldering session with my fellow climbing and biking enthusiasts - it was the first Boulder, Bike, and Brew of the season!
Those of us participating in the ride were united by our red wrist bands, chalk-covered hands, and rain gear drip-drying on the coat rack. After a final attempt at our project routes, we geared up and assembled in the parking lot to ride in the rain to One Barrel Brewing Co. Some say that chocolate milk is the best post-workout beverage. Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s beer.

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