August 20, 2012

Featured Bike Ride Route: Belleville

The 36-mile round trip from Capitol Square to Belleville is a nice ride for both new and seasoned touring cyclists. The Southwest Commuter and Badger trails take you into downtown Belleville, where you can have a picnic in the park or dine at a local cafe.
We like making an early trip for breakfast at the Corner Cafe
The route along the Badger Trail is scenic and is mainly flat, helping to make this trip accessible to those new to longer trips.
Water bottles can be refilled at a drinking fountain in the park
Badger Trail
Crossing the Sugar River


  1. I'm glad there are other people in Madison who like to tour on bikes. Just got back from touring the West Coast in July. Have you come across other people in your travels? Planning a trip to Kettle Moraine South in September. Excited for it.

  2. I'm often surprised by how few people I see touring when the rail trails make it an accessible recreational activity for Wisconsinites.

    People always seem to get a kick out of spotting a fully loaded bike. Have you noticed that?