August 6, 2012

Bike Touring and Camping Food Tips

Rare occurrence of cooking while touring

After a day in the saddle, starting a fire and cooking dinner does not appeal to me and I rather not lug around a camp stove and cookware on a bike.  Instead, we bring food that doesn’t require preparation and stop at a café for breakfast.

Mineral Point, WI

Having breakfast at the local morning gathering place is a good way to sample local culture.  I’ve enjoyed many of the overheard conversations, such as about crocks of sauerkraut fermenting or reminiscences about a certain cow on a childhood farm.  In Sparta, we pulled our bikes up next to rows of motorcycles and ate breakfast with a whole other breed of biker. 

What food you bring is a personal preference, but you can only fit so much on your bike. I like to keep things simple and don’t mind a good deal of monotony when touring. Everything tastes good after so much exercise, anyway. 

Be sure to hang your food from a tree where it's out of reach of hungry critters!

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