August 9, 2012

Cycle Slang: The Annoying Samaritan

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The Annoying Samaritan: Motorized human that cedes right of way to a cyclist when said right of way should not be ceded. The annoying Samaritan does not please the cyclist, who was fully prepared to wait his turn, but rather annoys other motorized humans who direct their ire at the cyclist.


  1. Here in Madison, where so few motorists stop for crosswalks, we also have Risky Samaritans. Last week I was waiting for busy morning traffic to pass at the intersection of the Capital City Trail and Seminole Highway when a car actually stopped to let me cross. Surprised (I travel this trail regularly) and grateful, I hurried across, but heard tire screeching before I reached the other side. A driver behind had slammed on the brakes and skidded onto the shoulder to avoid rear-ending the Samaritan. Apparently a car stopped at this crosswalk is such an unusual occurrence that the driver behind barely avoided a crash.