January 10, 2012

DIY: Pinstriping Lugwork

Freshly Pinstriped Lugs

It is easy to add the classic aesthetic of pinstriping to your bike.

All you need is a fine tipped paint pen in your color of choice.

Thoroughly clean the area you will be painting, then carefully apply the paint per the instructions on the pen.  If you make a mistake, try to scrape off the stray paint as soon as possible.  For detailed instructions, see this post at Lovely Bicycle that inspired me.

It only took ten minutes to add the fancy accents to all the lugs.

The newly painted lugs match the stripes on my fenders

Why stop with the lugs?  I went on to add gold accents to the chain case.


  1. Nice : )
    And where did you get that bike!

  2. Use pin stripe tape to mask off the painted area. It takes a while, but with the right effort on the front end, it gets real easy when putting down the paint.

  3. Looks great! I did that on my Fuji, but without the ease of the paint pen. I got out the gold model car paint and a very thin brush and did it the hard way. next time, I'm definitely going for the pen! :)