January 10, 2012

Madison FBC

FBC, also known as the Full Moon Bike Club when in mixed company, meets on every full moon (or a night close to it) for a casual group ride. On its Facebook page, the group's organizers describe it as "a non-exclusive group of bike-riding and beer-drinking enthusiasts who gather every full moon to partake of bike riding and beer drinking."   
Although the Facebook page mentions beer twice, the drinking is not excessive and there's no pressure to - this isn't a frat party. 
The rides are relaxed, though sometimes the pace is a bit fast for for a 3-speed upright bike. The crowd is typically younger but does not exclude older riders. The group meets up at 8:30 pm on the designated day at the corner of Main and Livingston streets. Although there is typically a critical mass of people to take a lane, impeding motor vehicle traffic is not the point of the ride. The ride occurs when traffic volumes are low and half the routes are typically on bike paths, anyway.   
Normally, there is about an equal split between riding to the next destination, whether it be a park, other public space such as a bike path bridge, or a bar (when it is colder), and having a beer and socializing, before riding off to the next destination.  If you want to tune in to the rides, join the Madison FBC Facebook page.


  1. Actually, FBC doesn't stand for full moon bike club, although the meaning could have changed over the years... after all this isn't exactly a place where rules are followed. You'll also be glad to know as the weather gets warmer the number of riders increases; during the summer months the line of bikes gets so long that the 3 speeds, single speeds, and fixies are never at risk of getting left behind.

    It also isn't a bad idea to take a GPS or smart phone with you, because sometimes the ride can end at a really obscure or off-the-beaten path location, which is actually part of the fun.


    1. Thanks for your comments! Yes - FBC only stands for Full Moon Bike Club when one doesn't feel like dropping the F-bomb. :)

  2. What is their facebook page? I checked both madfbc and full moon to no avail.

  3. There's a link in the article above, or: