January 20, 2014

Winter Wardrobe - Most Worn

When it comes to biking in the cold, I always go back to the same favorite pieces:
1. These boots are three winters old and holding up great. Warm, dry feet are critical to comfort, but having cute footwear is also important (right?!).

2. Wool socks are super warm, moisture-wicking, and don't get smelly.

3. This grey cashmere sweater is warm by itself, but is also loose enough that I can put it on over another layer. Its neutral color makes it easy to incorporate in many outfits. This sweater was thrifted by my mom, who has found many other second-hand wool and cashmere sweaters for me.

4. This skirt has been worn for many, many miles. I found this vintage Dolce & Gabbana gem at a thrift store in Rockford, IL about a decade ago. I'll probably still be wearing it in another 10 years!

5. Fleece leggings are warm, cozy and keep me in skirts throughout the winter. For very cold days, I double them up, which works well to block the wind.

6. This scarf was given to me as a souvenir from Scotland by my mother-in-law. After wrapping the soft cashmere around my neck for the first time, I was hooked on this pretty scarf.

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  1. Thrift store finds! I love them, I can't tell you how many wonderful wool items I've found at them!