October 10, 2012

Stay Warm in Cool Weather - Keep Biking!

As cooler weather rolls in, it can be tempting to roll your bike into the garage where it will not be seen again till spring. Don't do it! Here's why I think the fall is a great time of year for biking:

  • Less Sweat. Dressing in several layers will help you to find the right amount of clothing to stay warm and dry. As you feel yourself start to sweat, remove a layer. Eventually, you'll know just what to wear for the weather and can avoid piling on the extra layers and becoming overheated.
  • Sunshine. The days may be getting shorter, but bike commuting can make it easy to fit in some time in the sun (not to mention exercise) into your day. 
  • Winter biking. Keep biking now and you're more likely to keep the momentum going year-round.
  • Get tough. Spending a little time outside everyday, whether commuting, running errands, or on a joy ride, will help you to acclimate. Avoid the cool weather for a week and it will only feel colder. 

Try this:
  • If you commute to work, keep it up! It can be cold in the morning, but after about five minutes in the saddle, you'll warm up. You may be surprized by all the layers you shed along the way.
  • Organize a fun cycling outing to keep yourself in the saddle and to encourage your friends.
  • Make a personal policy to make all trips shorter than two miles by bike.
Do you bike year-round? Why or why not?


  1. I'm down in the Chicago 'burbs and I've been trying to be better about fall biking. Now up to three straight weeks of only using bike to get to/from work, except for the one day a week where it's my responsibility to get the kids to day care. Kinda' surprised at (a) how quickly you get over the cold, and (b) how easy it's been to fall into this routine. Great advice here.

    1. Sounds like you've really got the momentum going! I think the routine is easy to fall into because of its rewards - fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and arriving to work already feeling like you've accomplished something.