October 23, 2012

Cool Weather Bike Commuting Accessories

Many year-round bike commuters, myself included, look forward to the arrival of cooler weather in autumn. It’s the time of year when the morning chill makes me shiver a little as I exit the door, but I know that biking at a brisk pace will quickly warm me up. Soon my face and ears become warm and rosy and the cool air works to sweep away any excess 
heat. The rising sun is once again a welcome source of light, warmth, and good cheer, unlike during those scorching hot summer days just a couple of months back.  
Once the leaves begin falling, I bring a few more items on my daily commute.  Some recommended cool weather accessories:
  • Facial moisturizer. The cool, dry air can be hard on your skin if you don't have a protective layer of moisturizer.
  • Windproof gloves. Thin fleece gloves will keep your hands nice an toasty so long as they're windproof. I find that unless it's below 40 degrees, my hands get too warm and my gloves go into my bag halfway through my commute.
  • A bag. I usually have one along, anyway, but in the fall I like a place to stash layers as the temperature can vary so much throughout the day. When I was new to cool weather commuting I would keep an extra layer in my bag just in case, but rarely needed it.
  • A handkerchief. The cold will make your nose run. I always have a hankie handy.
  • Lip balm.
Are you a seasoned cool weather commuter? Or just getting started? What keeps you comfy and enjoying the ride?

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