March 25, 2013

Nearly Time for Bike Touring

Spring has officially begun and even though it’s snowing as I type this, I’m getting excited for the bike touring season! My calendar is already filling up with weekend bike trips.

Although I still log a lot of miles getting around town in the winter (to work, Trader Joe's, the climbing gym, etc.), I miss the long bike excursions, even if it's just for lunch in Mt. Horeb or Belleville.

The rail trails are graded and rolled each spring to smooth out any snowmobile tracks, tire ruts, or muddy footprints from the spring thaw, but sometimes they are still soft and rutted in early May when I'm ready to hit the trail with my touring bike fully loaded. Therefore, our inaugural overnight trip of the year is planned for Devil's Lake State Park and entirely on paved paths and roads.

Since the local streets and paths have been made bare by the sun's renewed intensity, I've pulled my touring bike out of the basement for a few quick jaunts around town. What a thrill to ride it again! Now that I'm back in the saddle, it feels like adventure time.

Do you have any bike tours planned?

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