February 6, 2013

Cabs with Bike Racks Got Your Back

I love biking in the snow! It's a great way to enjoy winter weather, work your core, achieve ultimate bike balance skills, and have an outdoor adventure. It's a blast on the bike path, but not fun on a busy road during a heavy snowfall, even if it is designated as a bike route. Motorists have less visibility, less control, and are not as mindful of bicyclists sharing the road. You may also encounter a vocal jerk who will announce himself by rolling down a window and yelling, “Idiot!”

I took this panda shot when I arrived at work
My commute is two thirds on the bike path and a third on W. Broadway.  On the way to work last Wednesday, I took one of the two east-bound car lanes on W. Broadway, because the bike lane hadn't been cleared. In taking a car lane, I road down the middle of the lane to assertively claim my space on the road, which seemed safer than timidly riding the edge of the lane.
View of my bike from inside a Green Cab
As I watched snow quickly accumulate throughout the day, I realized it was one of those rare circumstances when biking home on W. Broadway would be too dangerous. For my return trip, I put my bike on the back of a Green Cab (they keep bike racks on year-round) to avoid biking on W. Broadway. I had the driver take me straight to the John Nolen Path for some fun “snow bike” action on the last two-thirds of my commute home.


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