September 20, 2012

Best Practices for Riding in a Group

Group bike rides are a great way to socialize, whether you are meandering or have a destination in mind. Chatting with a friend along the way is easy, but communicating with the group requires an understanding of group biking norms.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication should be used to avoid crashes with other riders, safely cross intersections, and share the road with motorists.

Bicycles Times has some helpful tips for riding in a group. However, I don't agree with the "save the chit-chat for tea time" statement.
Here's something important not mentioned in the Bicycle Times article: if you are riding on the left of another rider, it is your responsibility to either slow down to fall in behind them or speed up to pull in front of them when necessary. Do this in the event of an oncoming bike or pedestrian on the path, or when a bike or car needs to pass from behind. The rider on the rightmost part of the path or road should simply maintain their speed.

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