July 16, 2012

Methods of Bike Touring in Wisconsin

Bicycle touring may conjure up images of mule-like bikes and weary travelers heading toward California, but aspirations of loading up and heading to the Pacific aren’t a prerequisite to incorporating tours into your bike life. You can enjoy what touring has to offer – exploring communities beyond the Dane County line, fresh air, scenery, and exercise – on a weekend adventure or even just a day trip.
Packing light for a day trip or credit card tour
The touring cyclist can generally choose between credit card touring or self-supported touring. On a credit card tour, cyclists bring clothing, personal items, and some basic gear, but pay for food and accommodations along the way. On a self-supported tour, cyclists carry their food, gear, and camping equipment on their bikes, making supply stops as needed. 
Self-supported touring at Mukwonago County Park
We usually do a combination of the two, paying for one of our daily meals and finding refuge in a motel if foul weather hits. Rail trails go through plenty of towns where you can dine out or resupply.

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