March 1, 2012

Featured Bike Ride Route: Nine Springs E-Way Bike & Hike

Take advantage of a sunny day with a ride out to the Nine Springs E-Way.  It's about a five mile ride from the Capitol square to where you can park your bike at the Lussier Family Heritage Center- here are directions.

This is my favorite short recreational route.  It's relaxing to stroll the trails solo, though, it's always nice to have the company of a friend.  There are plenty of spots to stop for a picnic.

You can follow the hiking trials to Lake Farm and walk along Lake Waubesa.

Please note that if the trails are covered in snow, they are for cross-country skiing only.  I hoped to try biking out there to ski this winter- surely I could strap my skis to my bike somehow, right?  However, the lack of good skiing conditions kept me from trying it out.  Still, I got plenty of enjoyment out of hiking the trails.  

On your way back into town, you can stop at the Farm Tavern for Capital Brewery's seasonal on tap and hits like "The Final Countdown" and "Gin and Juice" on the jukebox.  

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  1. I ride right by the Lussier Family Heritage Center every other day. It's on my ride for exercise and fun along the Capital City Trail. You're right: it's a beautiful area. But I haven't stopped at The Farm yet for a beer, since I ride in the morning! Maybe I will someday.