February 10, 2012

A Friendly Reminder on Mariner's Trail

The scenic Mariners Trail along the Lake Michigan coast connects the cities of Two Rivers and Manitowoc, WI (see map) and is considered a great asset to both communities. I recently had the opportunity to attend the annual Friends of Mariners Trail dinner in Two Rivers. It was nice to see such a large group of people so enthusiastic about the trail and both mayors in attendance. Though I wasn't able to ride the trail due to snow drifts blocking it (trail not plowed), a presentation at the event showcased the beautiful gardens, sculptures, and access to the sandy shoreline along the path during the warmer months.  

Photo of annual dinner provided by Friends of Mariners Trail

“Just a Blur” by Jen Grady

Photo of “Dancing Cranes” sculpture provided by Friends of Mariners Trail

Walking along the trail I spotted the “Travel Friendly” sign which I thought was a nice reminder to use proper etiquette. I wouldn’t mind seeing these signs around Madison. 


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